The Central Texas DRC mediates cases in a few primary areas:

Community Disputes

This category covers a wide variety of cases. The common denominator is that they have a neighbor or community orientation and frequently do not have a legal, ordinance, or contractual basis for resolution. Examples of these cases are barking dogs, vet bills, nuisance type behavior and incompatible land use to mention a few. In some cases, they involve a neighbor and a neighboring business. Law enforcement officers, police, sheriff deputies, constables, animal control, and other county and municipal officials often direct these cases to CTDRC. However, referrals are not obligatory – parties involved may reach out to CTDRC directly.

Civil Cases

Civil cases that have been filed in the JP courts, district courts or county courts at law fall in this category. Cases that would fall in the jurisdiction of each court are also appropriate for mediation before the cases are filed with the court.

Family, Divorce and Child Custody

As the title implies these cases deal with family and parent/child relationships. Divorce cases involving property distribution as well as child custody, visitation and child support fall in this category. Suits affecting parent/child relationships, which are cases of unmarried parents who are separating and have children, and adoption terminations are also in this category. Included are cases dealing with modification of divorce decrees and temporary orders.

Central Texas DRC Mediation Services Cost

Fees vary depending on the type of case. It is our goal and objective to serve the under served and the unserved, where the parties are economically burdened. The Central Texas DRC uses a flat fee. Please contact our office if you have any questions about the fees or don’t see where your case fits into the fee schedule.
Call our office at (512) 878-0382

Central Texas DRC Mediation Rates

Community Disputes

Central Texas DRC accepts virtually all of these cases, however, there may be specific circumstances to decline a case at Central Texas DRC’s prerogative.

Civil Cases

The amount in dispute must be under $50,000. There is a minimal fee for cases that are ordered by Justice of the Peace Courts in the counties that we serve.

Family, Divorce and Child Custody

Central Texas DRC eligibility limit for these cases is based on the income of one party to earn $60,000 or less annual income, and combined value of parties’ net asset equal $50,000 or less.

Want to mediate?

To join the volunteer mediators at Central Texas Dispute Resolution Center, there are a few requirements. Candidates must have completed a basic 40-hour mediation training. Once completed, you fill out a mediator application. We will contact you to interview with the Director. A background check is submitted and must come back clear. Your name is then added to our mediation data base. We ask you to observe several mediations and when you feel comfortable, we schedule you for mediation or co-mediation.

The Central Texas DRC operates with a paid staff and a group of dedicated volunteers. We are always looking for volunteers who have unique skills that are very critical to the operation and success of our mission. If you have any unique skills and would like to serve our community and service area, please call our office (512) 878-0382 or fill out the Mediator Application Form and send it back to us at