Before litigation,
try mediation.

Conflict resolution without the time, expense, and stress of going to court.

The Central Texas DRC takes a preventative approach to resolving conflict in our area. We seek to use training and community education to resolve conflict before it becomes a judicial or legal case. The Central Texas DRC does mediate cases ordered through the courts as well as those cases referred by an attorney or initiated by a party in conflict.

The Central Texas DRC serves citizens in Hays, Comal, Guadalupe, and Caldwell Counties.

What to Expect:


When parties are angry or stressed about a situation, it can become difficult, if not impossible, for them to discuss the issue civilly and productively. The CTDRC acts as a go-between for the parties to relay messages and help form a solution to the conflict that all parties are comfortable with.


The CTDRC aims for compromise between parties in conflict. In mediation, all parties can leave satisfied their conflict has been resolved and they got a lot by giving a little.


In court, a person could certainly win, but they could just as easily lose. The final verdict is out of their hands and made by a judge. In mediation, each party is in control of their own outcome.


By the time parties have reached the point of considering litigation, it is likely some time has passed, and an emotional and financial toll is being paid. Mediation through the CTDRC is a way to quickly, affordably, and finally resolve a conflict in a legally-binding way.